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  • Nicole Seafolk

10 free sewing patterns from real pattern companies

Whether you are a new to sewing or an experienced sewist, there is something incredibly tempting about free patterns, especially for clothing. If you have taken the leap to try any of them however you will have learnt very quickly that not all free patterns are made the same. In fact some of them are just awful int he quality of their instructions and grading. And then there are some that call themselves free patterns but in fact are actually more like tutorials, just a general guideline of what you should be doing to make the finished item. And then there are my absolute least favorite, the ones that dont even have a pattern, or they only have it in one size and if you need a different size you are plain out of luck unless you can figure out how to grade it yourself.

It’s a scary world out there folks. A world I have ventured into many times, more often than not with less than ideal results (and usually a few cuss words too if were being totally honest).

But not all free PDF sewing patterns are bad, in fact some are amazing! One of my most used patterns ever is actually a free pdf sewing pattern!

So in an effort to save you from the pain I experienced trying out literally hundreds of free PDF sewing patterns, I have linked ten of my favorite tried-and-true patterns below!

They are a range of patterns, from leggings, to dresses, lingerie, to casual t shirts, that could work for any occasion. Even better, they are all from pattern companies that are well known, tested, and vetted! So you dont have to worry about the quality of the instructions, or the evenness of the grading, they are all great! 

A lot of these patterns are listed “full price” on the pattern companies website and you will have to join their Facebook group to get a coupon code to download the pattern for free, its worth the extra trouble though trust me! To make it easier for you I have linked to the original patterns in the pattern name and the respective company Facebook group where it says “Facebook group” after the pattern name.

  1. Peg Legs by Patterns for Pirates – code for free pattern in company Facebook group!

  2. Noelle Bralette by Madalynne

  3. Mama Chloe Skirt by Made for Mermaids – code for free pattern in company Facebook group!

  4. Sorbetto by Collette/Seamwork

  5. Uvita top by Itch to Stitch

  6. Agnes Dress by Halla Patterns – code for free pattern in company Facebook group!

  7. Green Tee by Greenstyle Creations – code for free pattern in company Facebook group!

  8. Mountain Pose Pants by Hey June – code for free pattern in company Facebook group!

  9. Paris Party Dress by Rebecca Page – code for free pattern in company Facebook group!

  10. Pencil Skirt by Patterns for Pirates -code for free pattern in company Facebook group!

There you have it! Ten of my favorite, amazing sewing patterns that are all good quality and just so happen to be free! Are there any free clothing patterns that you think I missed? Let me know down below so we can add them to the list!

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