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  • Nicole Seafolk

7X7 Mini Capsule Style Contest

Normally I plan my capsules using the Sudoku method but I have been feeling the need to branch out and try something new. When I saw Sew Altered Style was hosting a contest for planning a 7 X 7 capsule wardrobe I knew I found the perfect opportunity!

7 X 7 capsules are great because of how fluid they are and the fact that they don’t have a lot of structure, perfect for the capsule newbie! What is even better is that in this particular contest RTW items were allowed to be included! That meant I could just go to my closet and grab items for my mini capsule that I already had, no extra sewing time and very minimal planning!

This is my first mini capsule of the spring and I am so excited to start transitioning over to warmer weather. With just these seven items I can easily create 12+ outfits which makes it the perfect travel capsule in my opinion. I tried to choose pieces that I could both use for work and play so keep this capsule as functional as possible and I am really pleased with how well they ended up coordinating! This is the perfect, casual capsule to hold be over until my larger capsule is done at the end of the month.

Here are the items I included in this mini capsule, five of them are handmade and two are ready to wear, and seven of the out possibilities!

7X7 Capsule Wardrobe Items

Black and White Striped Tank (RTW)

Grey Blazer (RTW)

Here’s hoping I can get modeled shots of all of the looks later today!

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