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  • Nicole Seafolk

CWE: Using Windows Paint to Plan a Capsule Wardrobe

Being the good millennial I am, I am a technology junkie and do almost everything virtually. I still love writing out a good to do list by hand, because there is nothing more satisfying than crossing the completed items off, but all other notes and lists I make on my computer. My “planner” is my outlook calendar and my “phone book ” is my cell phone contact list. This comes through in a lot of the planning of my sewing projects as well but is especially apparent in how I plan for my capsule wardrobes.

When I attempted to start planning my first Sudoku style capsule wardrobe (the one I am currently working on!) I started writing out all of the pieces I wanted to make in a Sudoku style grid on paper but arranging them became the a real struggle real quickly. I was constantly crossing out pieces and writing them in in other places and it didn’t take long for me to have a hot mess and a pile of useless papers.

After a couple of hours of annoyance and a minor crying fit I decided to find a way to plan my capsule wardrobe much more quickly and with a lot less waste using my computer. After some trial and error I found a way to make a simple, easily editable Sudoku capsule wardrobe plan to help me with visualizing my final outfits and determing how all of my pieces will fit together at the end of my projects (an example of what I make now is the first image in this post).

I have made a few different versions of this grid now and have even started color coding my works in progress. I use red for RTW or old sew items, black for handmade items that I have already sewn for the capsule, and blue for the capsule items that I still need to sew. I update my grid as I go a long and it is a visual way for me to see how my progress is coming along, which is perfect for me and my three second attention span!

If you are interested in  creating you own capsule this way, I made a video of the process which you can see below! If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email, I would love to help you!

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