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  • Nicole Seafolk

New Pattern Release: M4M Alexandria Swimsuit

Another week another new set of swimsuits and a great new pattern from Made for Mermaids! This time we have a stunning new one piece, the Mama Alexandria swimsuit! I have been slowly embracing the two piece swim suit of the last couple of months but if we are being totally honest,a good one piece still really has my heart!

My favorite part of this brand new pattern is the size specific straps! The larger the size you measure (I measure green) the larger/stronger straps the pattern tells you to use and I really love having the wider straps to help support my bust! My two

Mama Alexandria swimsuits are both the faux wrap version of the pattern but there is also a true tie wrap option included as well.

Just look at those wide straps!

There is also an optional flounce for all versions of the pattern and I honestly cant’t decide if I love the extra drama of the flounce or the simplicity of the suit without the flounce more.. Thoughts?

Like all M4M swim, the coverage is great and the suit stays in place through water slides, tubing, and general hullaganing which is even more important the than the look of the suit if were being honest. But… the look is pretty great too!

Black Fabric: Local Fabric Warehouse

Blue Fabric: Joann Fabrics

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