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New Pattern Release: M4M Clueless Collection Part Two

Made for Mermaids is back at it again this week with the release of the second part of their Clueless collection and I was lucky enough to get to try out two of the freshly released patterns and, I have to say, they are just as fabulous as the last bunch!

First up for my was the highly anticipated bodysuit! This is a pattern that has been in the worked and teased for months now and it is finally releasing as part of this collection! It of course has all of your standard sleeve length options, short, 3/4, and long, and two different neckline options, and even comes as both a body suit and a top, but I think it is the option of the picot neckline finishing that makes this pattern so striking and pretty. 

I whipped up the 3/4 length sleeve, low back bodysuit and was pleasantly surprised by how quick of a sew it was. I think from cutting to a final press took less than two hours, and that was with elastic finishing on both the leg openings and the neckline. It would probably be even quicker if you use the also included fabric band finishing option.

 I also love how the low back option is fairly low but also manages to still cover up a traditional bra, making this a perfect layering piece for all seasons! Also how pretty is that picot elastic neckline, even from the back?! I want to finish so many of my tops this way now!

And then there is the cardigan, oh boy is there the cardigan! This is the pattern I was most scared for because, well, buttons. And yes, they were hard and took a while to master, even with a buttonhole foot on my machine, but I am so very glad I took the time because I LOVE these cardigans! 

As soon as I got the buttons down I whipped two of these cardigans out in no time! Both are the top length option of the pattern, just one of the three hem lengths that the pattern includes, and one features long sleeves while the other has short. The pattern also has a 3/4 sleeve option as well which I plan to make next with the high hip length, I think it will end up being just the perfect thing for wearing over spring/summer dresses to help bring them into the fall months.

My long sleeve blue version is in a hacci style sweater knit from Knitpop and my short sleeve pink version is a in a thick rayon spandex from my beloved Phee Fabrics. The different fabrics give the same pattern such different feelings, the sweater knit being cozy and classic and the rayon spandex feeling a bit m ore structured and yet, with the shorter sleeves, more easy going.

Also included in this collection is a pattern for socks, how fun is that?! I haven;t tried it yet but I cant wait to give it a shot! I often I am handmade right down to my skivvies but not including my socks and now I can say EVEN including my socks! Ha!

The new pattern releases will be on sale through the weekend so be sure to grab your copies asap!

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