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  • Nicole Seafolk

New Pattern Release: M4M Fae Cardigan

Every now and then a new pattern comes my way on the internet that instantly becomes a new staple for me. It’s becoming more rare the longer I sew (I dont need another t-shirt pattern, thanks) so when it does happen I want to shout about it to all corners of the sewing world!

The most recent pattern I fell in love with?! The new Fae Cardigan Sewing Pattern from Made for Mermaids! At it’s core this is a dolman sleeved, box shaped cardigan pattern with a few unique twists. And it is those twists that make this pattern so special.

And its the voluminous, lantern style sleeves that make me adore this new pattern! Look at those sleeves!!

I worked up this tunic length, lantern sleeve, shawl collar version of Fae using the Plum bamboo french terry from Bow Button Fabrics and I am just as over the moon for the color and softness of this fabric as I am for the pattern. When sewing up a Fae I highly recommend a fabric that has amazing drape like this french terry does and is a medium weight so that all that fabric doesn’t pull your wrists down!

My sleeves are all one color but there is also a built in color blocked lantern sleeve option which is what I want to work up next! A great way to use up scraps and create a fun, uniquely custom to you cardigan.

I also used the shawl collar option on this cardigan to help make it extra suggly as we get deeper into the cold season. while the shawl bit is folded nicely in the pictures I typically just wear it all scrunched up about my neck ans love it that way as well.

This cardigan has been in heavy rotation within my closet since I finished it up. Its the perfect combination of comfy and practical with a slight bit of flair to make my outfits feel more put-together and fun that a standard cardi. Plus, it is super easy to hide snacks in those sleeves! Movie theater here I come!

And here is a lovely and flattering photoshoot out-take for good measure!

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