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  • Nicole Seafolk

New Pattern Release: M4M Jordan

It is finally warm enough for just a sweater around here (goodbye puffy jacket!) and I am so excited to be celebrating the changing season with an influx of new hoodies like this M4M Jordan Hoodie!

Made for Mermaids just released this new pattern and it is one of my favorite things they have done in a while! It is a classic shape and cut and sports simplistic finishing that quickly made it i a closet staple for me.

I am normally not a super fan of hooded sweaters (cowl necks alllll the way though!) but I have been wanting one lately to have peaking out the back of my spring jackets and this burgandy baby french terry from SlyFox fabrics was just perfect for the lightweight hoodie I had been imagining.

I went for thumb hole cuffs and the optional front kangaroo pocket to give it that really sporty vibe and it turned out just perfectly!

I really like the way the hood of this particular pattern. Instead of just one main center seam the hood of the M4M Jordan, which is optional BTW, has a center back panel that could lend itself really well to color blocking if that is your jam. I’m basic though so solids are always the answer for me!

I am thinking another baby french terry in a really spring-y robins egg blue is next on the cutting table for me! What fabric would you use for your perfect classic hoodie? Let me know in the comments below!

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