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New Pattern Release: M4M Kourtney

Another week, another new pattern release!

This week we have the brand new Made for Mermaids Kourtney Pattern  and I probably say it every time a new M4M pattern releases but this one is my new favorite! My last absolute favorite was the M4M Nina, in case you missed it, which is still a major love and I have made six Nina’s in total I believe. but time has gone on, new patterns have been released and now there is  a new girl in town that stole my heart and the top spot as my go-to quick sew pattern and that new girl is Kourtney!

Kourtney is a super simple three in one pattern (top, tunic, dress) designed for drapey, light weights knits (think rayon spandex blends) that lends itself perfectly to super easy to wear and style wardrobe basics as well as more simple dressier wear with the right fabric choice.

She comes with all of the standard sleeve options (long, 3/4, short, and sleeveless) and a round neckline but the real special feature of Kourtney is the hemline “knot”! It isn’t a true knot but more like a tuck/gather type situation but it adds a beautiful detail to this otherwise classic design. All three of the versions I made have the  knot detail but it can also be left out for a classic top / tunic / dress. Personally I love the knot and how it gives that tiny bit of “sex-appeal” (scandalous!) to the piece and it is so flattering on my short little legs.

The three versions I made were all out of rayon-spandex blends fabric and they are actually the most comfortable pieces of clothing in my wardrobe at the moment. The fabric for my black, long sleeve dress is from and is a rayon spandex jersey blend, the fabric for my purple dress is a rayon blend that has been in my stash for so long that I have no idea where it is from, and the fabric for my striped tunic is actually one of the $2 knits from Walmart.

I love them all equally (although the tunic might be pulling ahead just a littttlllee bit because I’m a sucker for anything that goes well with leggings and boots), and I am excited to make so many more! I have been living in all three of these since I finished them up last week and am excited for you to get to try this

brand new pattern! If you make a Kourtney I would so love to see it! Feel free to share below!

I am also on the hunt for some good rayon spandex blend prints for even more Kourtneys so if you know where to get those please share that too!

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