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New Pattern Release: M4M Kourtney

Another week, another new pattern release!

This week we have the brand new Made for Mermaids Kourtney Pattern  and I probably say it every time a new M4M pattern releases but this one is my new favorite! My last absolute favorite was the M4M Nina, in case you missed it, which is still a major love and I have made six Nina’s in total I believe. but time has gone on, new patterns have been released and now there is  a new girl in town that stole my heart and the top spot as my go-to quick sew pattern and that new girl is Kourtney!

brand new pattern! If you make a Kourtney I would so love to see it! Feel free to share below!

I am also on the hunt for some good rayon spandex blend prints for even more Kourtneys so if you know where to get those please share that too!

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