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  • Nicole Seafolk

New Pattern Release: M4M Paige

Ya’ll. YA’LL. YAAAAA’LLLL. Can you believe Made for Mermaids finally hit 50000 members in their Facebook group?? I have been prowling around in there for a couple of years now, even way before I started sewing clothing, and I have loved watching them grow so much over that time. In their generousness they are giving away a free pattern to everyone in their Facebook group, the brand new Paige Piko top and dress! But not only is it free it is seriously so quickly become my most worn pattern it is almost shameful! Paige is a Piko style top, (be still my little, sorority girl heart! We lived in Pikos in college!) which means it has a relaxed fit throughout the body and dolmen sleeves that are tight from the sleeve seam downward. The relaxed fit means the pattern is perfect for drape-y fabrics like this white modal french terry from my local fabric warehouse. It has all of the comfort of my favorite hoodies but is actually cute and stylish!

My second Paige top (because you know I made more than one!) is the same style, top length with the low scoop neck and long sleeves, but is made out of a deliciously dark green DBP from KnitPop. This DBP has much more structure than the french terry but because of that it feels a little more substantial and I have absolutely loved wearing it to work with a pencil skirt and booties.

If you want to get your hands on this new, free pattern you will have to be a member of the Made for Mermaids pattern group so be sure to join if you haven’t yet and see what all is happening over there! Once there you will find the download code for the Paige Piko Pattern and you will then need to go to the Made for Mermaids website to download the actual pattern.

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