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  • Nicole Seafolk

New Pattern Release: M4M Roxy Swim Suit

Hurray for swim season! Sewing swim has become one of my absolute favorite things over the last year and I have gone from owning not even one swimsuit that fit my body properly to over fifteen unique swimsuits! Just recently I added two new suits, both the new Mama Roxy pattern from Made for Mermaids and I am so very in love with them. 

The combo off the extended bikini top length and and the high rise bottoms of Roxy are so flattering together!

Black Bottoms Fabric: Local Fabric Warehouse

Navy Top Fabric: Local Fabric Warehouse

Nave Striped Bottoms: Phee Fabrics

Be sure to grab your copy of the new Roxy and Mama Roxy patterns in the next couple of days from the Made For Mermaids website while they are on sale for the next couple of days!

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