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New Pattern Release: M4M Stella Sweater

The third pattern in Made for Mermaids Lounge and Lace Collection released this morning and as much as I was loving me some good lingerie, I may be loving this even more! The complete opposite of the lacy Bridgette and Victoria patterns, Stella is the most comfy of sweaters with so many design options! Add to that how quick they are to sew up (hello minimal top stitching!) and you have a recipe for a pattern I am going to be making over and over again for the rest of the winter (that’s another four months here in Minnesota, plenty of time to make at least twenty more sweaters)!

Lets start with this green beauty one of my three favorites that I have made so far. The fabric is the most delectable brushed french terry from Knitpop fabrics in a sage green color. It is buttery soft and super thick all at the same time but also isn’t sticky or feel like you are walking around in a sweat box all day like some brushed terry fabrics have left me feeling like in the past. (I also picked it up in a tan color and have my eye on a blush pink version as well because hello my name is Nicki and I have an addiction to buying fabric)

This version has that AHHMAZING deep v back and tie closure, perfect for showing off my dusty purple Bridgette bralette but I love how that compares to its simple front design. It’s kind of like a mullet sweater am I right?! 

Okay lets move on before I start gushing again about that french terry and instead gush about this sweater knit, also from KnitPop. They’re just my favorite fabric store okay, don’t judge me! This fabric was part of the $25 sweater knit hullbaloo that went down in the fall and I have been hoarding it and petting it occasionally for months now. Pure white sweater knit that isn’t see through is such a unicorn find that I wanted to be sure I had the exact right pattern to use it on. And it definitely made an amazing Stella

This version had a simple band across the back instead of ties which makes it feel a little more simple and dressy. in the pictures I have it styled with some joggers for a super casual look but I have also paired it with a fun colored tank and some black jeans to wear to the office as well. Just because it is called the lounge and lace collection, don’t think it only has to be lounge wear you can dress this bad girl up too!

This one I did dress up a bit to show you just how silver this pattern is! This is my night on the town in the middle of the frozen tundra Stella, mostly because I actually did where this exact outfit out for dinner and martinis the other night and it was seriously the most comfortable thing I have worn out in a loonnggg time.

The fabric is a sparkly french terry that I found at our local fabric warehouse, made into the key hole back version. If you are a little concerned about a total open back this would be the way to go if you still are trying to show off you Bridgette (Stella does come with a plain full back as well though, just in case you aren’t feeling the mullet sweaters one day).

Can you tell I was getting a little cold by the end of these pictures? It was a grand total of one degree out and we were out by the river for an hour and a half, that is how much I love this pattern and you all!

So what are you waiting for, go pick up your copy of Stella right now! The pattern will only be on sale through Monday!

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