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  • Nicole Seafolk

New Pattern Release: M4M Women’s Avery

Happy August everyone! My mind is starting to shift into fall sewing mode but before the sweater knits and french terry come out I had one last summer sew to complete, a new Women’s Avery tank from Made for Mermaids! Avery is the newest M4M Release, and a sporty tank with an extra special, twisty back.

From the front Avery is a pretty, simple tank with sporty narrow bands and a relaxed fit but turn around and wow!

Bridgette bralette. There are the usual multiple neckline and length options that we all know and love from M4M patterns but for this pattern they choose to use narrow-er than normal bands which gives the pattern that sporty vibe. 

Because the back uses a bit more complicated construction techniques I would say this pattern is best suited for a more experienced beginner than a true beginner but the instructions are clearly written that dont let the intimidating look of the back scare you off, its much simpler to sew than it looks! Be sure to grab your own copy of the pattern from the Made for Mermaids website while it is on sale!

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