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  • Nicole Seafolk

New Pattern Release: Toby K Yorkshire

Okay so I know I say this literally every time I have a new pattern to share with you all but ya’ll I am SOOOOO excited about this new pattern! I have been trying to sew more and more for the guy in my life but we have been seriously struggling to find high quality, well drafted, and unique patterns for guys. There are so few out there in the world that every time I stumble across one I am elated!

So what is this new mystery pattern you may ask? Well it is the new

Yorkshire Cardigan and Pullover from Toby K Patterns. I made the Boy a pullover version since he has been practically begging for more student-teaching approved sweaters throughout the winter months (which it feels like are never ending this year). Made out of a gloriously thick and luxurious brushed french terry from my beloved KnitPop this sweater ended up being exactly what he wanted and amazing enough that I have stolen it to wear on more than one occasion.

The best way I can come up with to describe the feeling of the shawl collar is it is like wearing a warm hug around all day! It adds the perfect amount of visual interest and uniqueness to this otherwise classic pattern and looks even better on the cardigan version (which I plan to sew up for me him next! 

As you can see he loves it so much he turned into a GQ model just minutes after putting it on! J.K. But in all seriousness getting clear, serious photos of a goofball like the Boy is so much harder than getting clear pictures of my Pup..

The Yorkshire is such a quick satisfying sew if you have a guy in your life that feels a little left out of all the amazing things that come out of your time spent sewing! The pattern will be on sale for just a few days so be sure to pick up your copy right away!



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