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  • Nicole Seafolk

Sew Your Capsule Official Release!

I am so excited today you all have no idea!

For the last couple of months I have had this idea floating around in my head of finding a capsule wardrobe workbook designed especially for those of us that sew our own clothing to share with you all. I searched and searched but I couldn’t find anything online that truly fit the bill. I was looking for something that was easy to follow, straight forward, and broke down the planning of a capsule wardrobe into really small, manageable steps. All I kept finding were capsule guidebooks that were way too complicated. I finally got tired of searching and decided to make my own, which is when Sew Your Capsule was born! 

So what is Sew your Capsule?

Sew Your Capsule (or SYC for short) is a 40+ page e book filled with the complete break down of how I plan all of my own capsule wardrobes, written in an easy to read and follow conversational way. You will find no bologna or technical jargon here!

There are worksheets for every step of the capsule planning process and sprinkled throughout the book are little nuggets of the knowledge I gained planning my first me-made capsules with nothing to guide me but sheer ambition. All in an effort to make planning a prefect for you capsule much less stressful!

Want to know the best part?

I personally have loved and benefited from sewing my own capsules so much that I want each and every one of you to be able to try it out for yourself, which is why SYC is available for only $7.99!

Have you used SYC to plan your own capsule wardrobes? Share your makes on social media with #SewYourCapsule and #SewUprising and you may just end up featured here on the blog!

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