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  • Nicole Seafolk

Sewing YouTube: My Favorite Creators

Over the last couple of months I have really gotten into watching sewing related YouTube videos while I am working in my sewing room. For me it has become a great way to feel more connected to the making community while I am not able to attend in person meet ups and classes because of the pandemic.

It all started when I decided I wanted to slightly rework the room I personally sew in last spring and fell down a rabbit hole of sewing space tour videos on YouTube. For days I did almost nothing but watch people walk around their sewing paces (large, small, clean, unclean, and everything in between) and took notes on all the ways they set things up and stored things that I was interested in trying out myself.

And if you know anything about the social media sites, you know they are really good at feeding you content that they know you will be interested in based off of things you have already engaged with. Which meant once I started watching a few sewing related YouTube videos it mean that nothing but sewing related videos were recommended to me for months.

And it turns out there are HUNDREDS of amazing and creative people on YouTube sharing their knowledge, their sewing journey, and their time and I wanted to share a few of my favorites that I really think you should check out if you are new to the world of sewing videos and sewing YouTube.

OklaRoots – Jess is an amazing resource for bag making tutorials and knowledge! Every week she takes you step by step through sewing a new pattern and even as an experienced sewist I love following along as she sews.

Sew Sweetness – If you have ever walked into a quilt shop you have definitely seen some of Sara’s work. She designs and sells some of the most popular bag sewing patterns around and has a whole channel on YouTube dedicated to helping you sew up her patterns. She also hosts a weekly live sewing show via her channel every Sunday that feels a lot like a virtual sewing meet up, and has been a true joy in the last couple of months

Rosery Apparel – Janelle is one of the first fashion related channels I found and continues to be one that makes me truly excited every time I see a new video posted from her. She has a very definitive style and color scheme and my fantasy self really relates to. I especially enjoy her thrift flip and pattern hack videos.

TomKat Stitchery – A highly popular channel focused around apparel sewing, this is a great source of inspiration for pattern reviews, sew with me videos, and capsule wardrobe/module sewing.

The Fold Line – The sewing channel that started the website, The Fold Line is my go to for seeing newly released sewing patterns, pattern round ups, and my personal favorite Sew-The-Trend videos where they walk around popular ready to wear clothing shops and talk about what sewing patterns you can use to get a similar look to what is in the shops.

Evie La Luve – This is the place to be for lingerie and swimwear sewing inspiration and knowledge! I first found the ELL sewing patterns on Etsy and was so excited to see that there is a channel that goes along with the patterns and shares all of the best tips and tricks for sewing the best looking garments possible.

There are so many more channels I love that I could easily go on forever but those are just a sampling of the range of channels and topics you can find on YouTube! Do you have any favorite sewing channels? If so feel free to leave their info below, I would love to check them out!

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