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  • Nicole Seafolk

#SpringMiniCapsule Week 1: Tops

We are now one week into the Spring Mini Capsule wardrobe contest hosted by Made for Mermaids and Patterns for Pirates! Last week we talked all about my sewing plan for the contest (If you want to know about my overall capsule plan and the color story I am using be sure to read the intro post here!) and this week we are focusing on the three tops I made to complete my mini capsule.

I am using a classic Sudoku capsule wardrobe set up which calls for three tops, three bottoms, and three layering pieces. For my tops I chose to use all tried and true patterns in comfy fabrics that I could wear casually on a day to day basis but that I could also throw on under a blazer to wear for work. 

My first (and favorite) top is a v-neck Mama Ava T shirt from Made for Mermaids out of a black and Ivory striped DBP from Bow Button Fabrics on Etsy. This fabric was an absolute dream to work with, it sewed and hemmed beautifully, much easier than any other DBP I have ever worked with. This was my first time trying a striped neck band, however, and it turned out to be much more challenging that I originally expected, definitely not a task for the faint of heart!  

My second top is another Mama Ava V neck from M4M, this time in a light grey rayon spandex blend. This fabric came form my local fabric warehouse and is by far the lightest weight fabric I have ever used. The end result is a really slouchy, loose tee that is endlessly comfortable!

Top number three is a knot-less Mama Kourtney top from M4M in a Robins Egg-ish blue from Knitpop (one of my favorite fabric stores!). Kourtney has such a flattering cut and shape that it was the perfect compliment to by looser fitting Ava T-shirts. I choose to keep this knot-less to it covered the waist band of the bottoms I am making (which will be shared next week her eon the blog so be sure to check back!). I love the look of the knot on Kourtney but with this fabric choice adding the know pulled the hemline high enough to show off my elastic waist band on the SOS pants which I wasn’t a super huge fan of.

And that’s all three of my Spring Mini Capsule tops for 2018! If you are looking for help planning your own spring capsule wardrobes be sure to check out my FREE Ebook, Sew Your Capsule! The book is 40+ pages and stuffed full of all of the insider know-how you need to plan and execute truly functional and unique to you capsule wardrobe. Snag your free copy by entering you email address below! First Name Email Address Submit

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