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  • Nicole Seafolk

Tutorial: Sewing Perfect Fold Over Elastic

Perfecting fold over elastic is one of those things that can both immensely rewarding and immensely challenging all at the same time when it comes to sewing. While not complicated by nature, getting the perfect elastic attached to your panty or bra can be a make or break moment in your project.

The good thing is that fold over elastic, or FOE for short, can be applied simply and beautifully every time if you follow all of the steps and don’t take any short cuts. After months, and months of sewing FOE nearly everyday I have finally gotten my application routine down and now am in love with the finished results it gives my garments. And a few days ago I took the time to record the whole process of sewing a FOE waist band on a pair of my Brooklyn panties so that you can get the same results on your projects!

If you are looking to start using FOE as a finishing technique in your projects, I highly recommend that you invest in some higher quality elastic. the stuff that can be purchased at both sewing and everything type big box stores usually is too stretchy and will not hold up well long term if the garment is going to be worn and washed repeatedly which is of course what we want out of our makes.

Personally I love to order from the store ElasticByTheYard on amazon! The quality is great and I love that they have the option to buy in bulk as well as smaller quantities which makes it so much cheaper. ArteCrafts on Etsy usually has a nice selection of FOE as well.

If you have any questions about sewing your fold over elastic please dont hesitate to leave a comment below!

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