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  • Nicole Seafolk

DIY Dirndl Part 2: Drindl Apron

Welcome back to part two of my DIY Dirndl series! Last time I shared with you all how I made my very own stretch lase dirndl blouse utilizing a t shirt pattern I already knew and loved. This week I will be sharing with you all how to make a super simple apron to complete your look.

If you missed the last post be sure to check it out before you finish this one! It talks all about my reasons for making a dirndl, the super quick turnaround time I had for this project, and my strategies going into it.

Now traditional Bavarian dirndl aprons have smocking under the waist band but many modern dirndl aprons just use gathering to create a similar look. I chose the gathered apron route for it’s ease and speed. All you really need for this easy make, is a yard and a 1/4 to a yard and a 3/4 of 45 inch wide woven fabric depending on your waist measurement , I used a simple quilting cotton, light weight apparel interfacing, and a 1/2 yard of contrasting fabric for the sash.

To determine how much apron fabric you will need,measure the length you want your apron to be across the front of your body, from side to side, right at your natural waist. Then multiply this number by 2 for a semi full look or 2.5 for a full look to your apron. I personally did 2.5.

Then cut a piece that is that width times the length of the fabric, 45 inches. Hem the two length sides using a 1/2 inch hem allowance and your hemming method of choice. Then run three rows of gathering stitches across the top of your piece and gather the fabric evenly until it reaches the length you measured as the front of your body.

Then cut a piece of your sashing fabric to your desired band height ( I used 5 inches tall based on the math below) X the width of the front of your body plus one inch. Apply fusible interfacing to the wrong side of this piece. Press in half width wide and then press the long edges each up 1/2 inch to create a memory hem.

Place the gathered part of your apron on to  the folded waist band piece. Pin the waist band to the front of the apron, matching raw edges along the top. Attach by stitching down the front memory folded hem,being sure you are only sewing one layer of the waist band.

Cut two pieces of sashing the length you want your ties X height of your band. Sew down the long side and one edge of each piece with the right side facing in to create two tubes. Turn right side out and press.

Place the unfinished edge of each band in opposite sides of the now attached waist band. You may need to gather please the waist band into the band to make it fit. Pin in place.

Fold the band down over the ties, enclosing the raw seams of the ties, topstitch along all four edges of the band, catching both the front and back layers and enclosing the waist band fully.

Remove any still visible gathering stitches and give the waist band a final press. The apron on to determine the appropriate length for you apron before hemming the bottom edge of the apron using a 1/2 inch hem allowance.

Easy as that! You now have two fully customized dirndl pieces and all that you need now is a a dress to make an actual outfit! Aprons are so quick and easy to make I have a whole pile of fabrics picked out to make “mix-and-Match” aprons to go with my dirndl, for next year. Extra, I know but so fun!

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